Message from CEO

Our company, EM-wise Communicatio-ns, designs and produces pioneering microwave/mm-wave components, su-bsystems, and systems for mobile/wir-eless industries, satellite communicat-ions, and defence industries.

The company foundation is based on many years of experiences of company founders at industries and universities in microwave and EM fields.

Our company possesses advanced proprietary technologies to design and produce microwave/mm-wave transce-ivers, oscillators, frequency synthesiz-ers, antennas, filters, mixers, frequency multi-pliers, phase shifters as well as the microwave/mm-wave systems which integrate the above components, for commercial wireless communications and military applications.

As a recent research result, we patent-ed on an ultra-wideband balun and its application modules, and beg-an to pr-oduce ultra-wideband (UWB) products which utilize the balun.

Among them are ultra-wideband double-balanced mixers, frequency doublers, signal inverters, detectors, and anten-nas.





Dr. Kang Wook Kim


( Professor at KNU* )

Prof. Young-Ki Cho

Chief Consultant

( Professor at KNU* ) 

( President of KIEE** )






Also, since the structure of the ultra-wi-deband balun is uniplanar, the implemen-tation cost of the UWB components with 10s of GHz bandwidth is very low as co-mpared with the conventional ones, and enables to produce new surface-mount-able UWB components f or mass produc-tion.

Our company will keep collaborating Int-ernationally with other universities, res-earch institutes, and other companies. Our company has a slogan, ¡°We Tame EM Waves Wisely!,¡± and will continuously en-deavor to become a world leader in pio-neering technologies of microwave/mm-wave components and systems.


  The following are our company¡¯s goals:


  1. A company that ultimately focuses on pioneering EM technologies.


  2. A company that sets priority in customer satisfactions, and keeps promises.


  3. A company that appreciates talents of people,

      and helps them to be the experts


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